Makers of custom blends and small batch, natural bath and body products rooted in aromatherapy, designed with wholesome ingredients to feed the soul.

We create products without any of the harsh chemicals, paragons, animals products and plain 'ol crap that are in most of the products offered today. We  use only the best, tested Essential Oils, non-GMO and organic ingredients in order to make something very special - something you WANT to use on your skin. Want proof? Read our label! Each ingredient used has a specific benefit, and we choose the essential oil, the carrier oil and the remaining details with that in mind.  It's nice to be able to read the ingredients on the label.

Do you have a special need? We are able to custom blend for you, in fact, it's our passion! Contact us for a personal consultation. We have been successful in helping with the following: Insomnia, Chronic Fibromyalgia Pain, Mood Boosting, Colds/Cough, Memory Boosting,  Weight Loss, Weight Gain, and general health improvement just to name a few. 

Botanical Connections  modern apothecary